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Project Name:
Mecca, Saudi Arabia
Nos. of Storeys:
7 apartment towers @ 35-storeys
2 hotel towers @ 50-storeys
Retail Concourse @ 4-storeys
4 hotel blocks @ 15-storeys

Areas: Gross : 878,880 sq.m.
Nett : 565,650 sq.m.
Prayer Terraces & landscaped gardens: 94,000 sq.m.
Carparking : 309,000 sq.m.
Makkah Construction and Development Company

Date Start:
Design Completion Date: -

Site Area:
232,000 sq.m.

Plot Ratio: 1 : 3.8
Design Features
The key design considerations for Jabal Omar Towers are speed of accessibility (to al-Haram during prayer call) and views affordability (from each apartment unit and hotel suite to al-Haram) and accommodation of a high population density for the pilgrims for prayers.

The site is on a mountainous terrain overlooking the al-Haram, the Muslim holy site in Mecca.

The proposed development is divided along the mountain ridge, defining 2 sides of the development; one facing al-Haram and the other sloping away from al-Haram. The development facing al-Haram on the Eastern side contains a retail concourse and a network of pedestrian access routes down the mountain leading to the Haram area. Hotel and apartment towers are situated on the mountain ridge for maximum views, while the Western side of the development are dedicated to carparking and vehicular access.

The key design features are :

A green park environment is created for pilgrims, by landscaping of the carparking block roofs and concourse roof which are connected via landscaped bridges. The water supply for greening of the development comes from recycled "grey" water of the development. The concept seeks to create a balance ecosystem on the site of both organic and inorganic aspects of the ecological environment. At its simplistic level of sustainable design, the landscaping over the roofs literally provides a “green” scheme.
Tower built forms are shaped for maximum facade area with views towards al-Haram, using a number of tower typologies (i.e. the “A”, ‘V’, ‘H’, ‘M’ and composite shapes).
The use of evaporative cooling shafts within some of the towers as passive low energy cooling for comfort for the users.
Provision of a central promenade (i.e. the concourse) as a “collector” to “chutes” to al-Haram. A combination of elevators, escalators, travelators and walking is considered for reducing the travel time. Travel time analysis have been studied to verity the time needed to reach the Haram for the rooms of each tower.
The urban design device is the creation of a new “rim” facing al-Haram areas. A new benchmark height is proposed as an urban design height limit for future development of the five mountains surrounding al-Haram. This is derived from the average height of the mountains. This strategy for a new protective rim to the holy area becomes a model for the development on the other surrounding mountains.
Project Team :  
Principal-in-charge :
Dr. Ken Yeang

Design Director :
Ridzwa Fathan

Design Architects :
Kenneth Cheong
Portia Reynolds

C&S and M&E Engineers :
Saudi Consulting Services (Riyadh)

Bioclimatic Consultants :
Battle McCarthy Consulting Engineers (London)
Dr Baruch Givoni (California)

Perspectives Illustrator :
Peter Edgeley (Melbourne)

Landscape Consultant :
Simon Saw Landscape & Planning (KL)
Project Architect :
Andy Chong

Design Team :
Ong Eng Huat
Ng Chee Hui
Lena Ng
Peter Fajak
Loh Hock Jin
Shahrul Kamaruddin
Maulud Tawang
Wong Yee Wah
Celine Verissimo

Drafting :
Mah Lek
Loh Mun Chee
Margaret Ng

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